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Wine Coolers by Nest&Home

Add the ultimate comfort to your home with a new wine cooler from Nest&Home.com. Choose from built-in, free standing, and even under counter wine coolers to keep your drinks chilled for the right moment. From large 50 bottle wine coolers to small 15 bottle units, Nest&Home can help you find just what youre looking for.

Ideally, wine should be stored away from direct lighting with temperatures set between 49-68F depending on the type of wine. This is why wine refrigerators are the best possible solution for your most prized selections. Normal refrigerators only allow you control over a single setting which is less than ideal for expensive bottles that need to be kept in precise environments.

Price and technology varies widely from unit to unit with the option for single and dual zone refrigerators. Dual zone wine coolers allow you to store both red and white wine in the same cooler without having to compromise temperature settings. Red wine should be stored between 62-68F while white wine should be stored at 49-55F. Depending on the different types of wine you will be storing, you may need to consider a dual or multi-zone wine cooler for best results.

Wine coolers also offer the ability to monitor and adjust moisture levels with optimum settings ranging between 55-70%. Other upgraded options include panned glass, touch screen controls, and UV resistant thermal glass that prevents corks from drying out. Contact a Nest&Home representative if you have any questions about which model suits your needs. Call 1-866-945-8477 or complete our contact form for prompt and professional service.
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