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Wine Racks by Nest&Home

Wine racks provide added storage for the most enterprising wine connoisseurs. In the past, wine racks have been built out of many different materials including wood, plastic, metal, stainless steel, and wrought iron. Although standard wine racks are designed to hold 750ml bottles, you can find custom racks that accommodate unusual sizes and shapes. At Nest&Home you’re free to choose from wine cabinets, wine towers, wall mounted racks, and even wine cubes. Whatever the circumstance, there is a wine rack that will perfectly match your needs.

Wine rack furniture can sometimes serve as a novelty item, reserved for those with a keen sense of style and a curious sense of taste. With an assortment of styles and finishes to choose from, Nest&Home offers small corner wine racks that accommodate ten bottles and large racks that are capable of housing entire collections of up to 200 hundred bottles. The possibilities are endless with a wide variety of selections to choose from.

Wall mounted wine racks are available in many different styles ranging from those that store a select few bottles to those that are much larger with a greater holding capacity. These types of racks save valuable space on your counter top and in your kitchen cabinets. They also add a sense of style and opulence to your homes décor! Need something a bit more flexible? Wine cubes are versatile, featuring a stacked design that allows you to fit virtually any type of bottle within the rack.

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